Wire Harnesses

We produce custom wire harnesses adapted to our Clients’ needs. We use various kinds of wires: plasticized PVC sheathed, rubber insulated, silicone, and cotton. Our machines have the ability to make various ends with cables up to 4 mm².


We offer the following cable ends:

· Complete Insulation Stripping

· Partial Insulation Stripping

· Lead-free Tin Soldering (according to ROHS directive)

· Cable Terminals:

  • KZ-type End Splices
  • Uninsulated Cord-end Terminals
  • Insulated Cord-end Terminals
  • Groove Terminals
  • Tongue Terminals
  • „Piggy-Back” Groove Terminals
  • Ring Terminals


We are happy to answer any enquiries about wire harnesses. We guarantee technical assistance and professional service. Every question will be answered and we will start your order urgently.

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