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Welcome to BIERSIN

BSN BIERSIN – manufacturer of wires and electrical harnesses with 35 years’ presence on the Polish market

The BSN BIERSIN Cooperative as a manufacturer of connection wires and electrical harnesses has been continuously operating on the market since 1985, when it was separated from the "DOLSIN" cooperative in Wrocław. Initially, the company manufactured power cables for sewing machines (including: Łucznik, Singer); however, the ever-changing economic reality and the need to adapt to changing customer needs has led the company to continuously expand its range of products and services. The products we currently offer include:


Moulded Plugs

Connectors and Plugs

Plug-in Cords

Cable Ends and Terminals

Bend Protectors

Wire Harnesses



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If you would like more information about our products, please contact one of our specialists.

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