Cable Ends and Terminals

Our equipment and machines enable the cable sheath to be stripped to the desired length; selected cores to be cut to length if necessary and the insulation to be removed.  


We offer the following free-end core terminations:

· complete removal of insulation,

· partial removal of insulation,

· lead-free tin plating (in accordance with the ROHS directive),

· cuffing assembly:

  • cable end terminal (KZ),
  • non-insulated sleeve end,
  • insulated sleeve end,
  • connecting sleeve
  • connecting insert,
  • connecting sleeve/insert,
  • eyelet tip,
  • forked end,
  • sheath.


In order to ensure the best possible quality of the products, we use cuffs from the best companies: G.M.G., Ergom, MESA, Cembre, OBR, Inarca, Hatko, Stocko.

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