The beginnings of the company's business activity date back to 1955, when a branch office was opened at the head office in Bierutów, at 51 Wrocławska Street, by the Oleśnica-based ZGODA Disabled Cooperative, employing several blind and partially sighted people. Curtain rings and Christmas tree candlesticks were manufactured.


In order to improve the material and living conditions of these people, their representatives talked to decision-makers in Wrocław and Warsaw, and as a result, the plant became part of the DOLSIN Blind Cooperative in Wrocław in Autumn 1959. In the early days, the production of metal products was the main focus: clothes hangers, bottle caps and so on. The production of various connection cables began at the beginning of the 1970s; these were mainly cables for sewing machines, produced by the Radom plant, in cooperation with the ASPA plant in Wrocław. On 1 January 1985, a branch of the DOLSIN Cooperative was transformed into the newly established BIERSIN cooperative, with Antoni Maślanka, previously President of the DOLSIN Cooperative in Wrocław for many years, as its President.


Since then, the company has experienced dynamic growth with the creation of new production sites in the town of Bierutów as well as in cottage branches in several towns in the four provinces neighbouring with the province of Wrocław. By the end of the 1980s, the Cooperative employed over 400 people. Due to the dynamic development of the plant, from 1 January 1985, in addition to cables for sewing machines, the production of connection cables was expanded to include various types of moulded Class I and Class II plugs, including the S-3 type uni–schuko plug for the EEC and Swiss markets, as well as various moulded connectors and prongs. We also started to produce complete connection cables for electric kettles manufactured for the large national manufacturers Selfa – Szczecinek and Libella in Warsaw. For the radio and television industry, we manufactured power cables for TVs, radio-magnetophones for companies such as WZT Warsaw, Unimor – Białystok, Diora – Dzierżoniów. A major organisational and production achievement was also to bring the stator winding process for small-scale three-phase and single-phase motors to life, in cooperation with the Besel company in Brzeg.


As a result of the introduction of the Balcerowicz plan, cutting off easy credit for the company, there was a change in the Management associated with the company's cost restructuring process by closing down, one by one, the least profitable production, which was carried out in cottage industries. The company has started a successful collaboration on a wide range of single and multiple extension cords with the Jonex company from Szczecinek. We bought various types of mounted sockets from them, which we connected to our various connection cables moulded with Class I and Class II plugs. For Jonex, we supplied very large quantities of the connection cables themselves, which were assembled by them in Szczecinek and sold by Jonex.


Since 1999, the management of the Cooperative has been taken over by Jarosław Powązka, M.Sc., who has worked for the company since 1985 as a constructor-technologist. These last years have been a period of expanding market influence and corporate image, introducing marketing management in the Cooperative.

The company's tangible successes include:

· continuous restructuring of the company,

· strong diversification of production,

· acquisition of large international customers,

· continuous computerisation of the Cooperative,

· increased labour productivity, thanks to the introduction of new, proven manufacturing technologies,

· obtaining multiple German VDE and national B-mark approval marks for our products,

· introduction of a Quality Management System compliant with ISO 9001 since 2004.


The company also managed to start supplying products to domestic manufacturers and later international large domestic appliances in the following years. The first of these companies was Wrozamet followed by Polar as well as Elektrolux. Due to the increasing entry of international capital and global brands, we supplied various plants, Fagor Wrozamet in Wrocław and Spain, Whirlpool Polar in Wrocław and Elektrolux in Siewierz.


We started to produce cables for electric cookers, gas and electric hobs, washing machines, fridges, freezers, dishwashers and dryers.

- a large market also included domestic manufacturers of boilers and heaters: Elektromet, Galmet, Zelmer, Nibe Biawar and Kospel,

- the history of the beginning of our production of wiring harnesses is linked to our cooperation with the Desa company on the wires used in the production of various types of electric heaters,

- we began to manufacture, in cooperation with Sonel, various types of cables used in measuring instruments for voltage, current, resistance, overvoltage and so on.

- the next stage of the company's development was and is production for manufacturers of controllers for central heating boilers for companies such as: Tech, KG, Domer Pleszew.


The reliability of our company and its positive image in the market as well as its continuous development are evidenced by the many years of ISO certification, German and Polish approval marks, production of products based on materials purchased from the best national and international suppliers. Our fleet of machinery and equipment consists mainly of suppliers from Switzerland, Germany and Italy. We are a founding member of the Electrical Engineering Association, which over the years has evolved into PIGE – the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Electronics. As a cooperative, we are subject to a mandatory vetting process every three years and, as a Protective Employment Establishment, to inspection by the National Labour Inspectorate. Over the last few years, we have continuously employed over 110 employees on a contract basis.


Our continuous, long-term development is confirmed by the BUSINESS GAZELLES, awarded several times, for the winners of the ranking of the most dynamically developing small and medium-sized enterprises.

Rok 1985

BSN BIERSIN jako samodzielna firma działa na rynku od roku 1985. Pierwszym kierownikiem Spółdzielni został Prezes Antoni Maślanka. Wniósł on osobisty, bardzo duży wkład w budowanie zasobów materialnych Spółdzielni. Od 1999 roku kierownictwo nad Spółdzielnią objął Prezes mgr inż. Jarosław Powązka związany ze Spółdzielnią od początku jej funkcjonowania. Te ostatnie lata to okres rozbudowy wpływów rynkowych i poprawy wizerunku firmy, poprzez wprowadzenie zarządzania marketingowego w spółdzielni.


Naszą działalność rozpoczynaliśmy od produkcji przewodów zasilających maszyny do szycia typu Łucznik, Singer. Obecnie zajmujemy się produkowaniem przewodów przyłączeniowych zasilających jedno i dwustronnych, wiązek elektrycznych, montażem przedłużaczy oraz wyrobów elektrotechnicznych. Do naszych stałych klientów należą m.in. firmy Fagor – fabryki we Wrocławiu i Hiszpanii, Lestar, Sonel, LG.

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